An Open Letter to DC Comics

edited on 9/23/13 – I was wrong about a timeline issue. Original text kept in tact, corrections follows.

(trigger warning for multiple mentions of violence and sexual assault)

Dear DC,

So, I saw that you thought that an art contest where the topic was a naked Harley Quinn committing suicide was an appropriate thing at any point in time. I also saw you thought it was appropriate to do this contest that trivializes suicide a week before National Suicide Prevention Week.

I saw that J. H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman are being kind, decent human beings and leaving the Batwoman title after your editorial refused to let Batwoman get married to her girlfriend Maggie Sawyer, even after Batwoman has proposed twice on panel. I saw that you’ve been saying that this move has nothing to do with Batwoman’s sexuality, that its just that you don’t want characters getting married, but wow, does that sound hollow.

I’ve seen a lot of the shitty things you’ve done over the years. I’m like Martian Manhunter watching over the world from the Justice League satellite, in a way.

I have loved the world you own for over 8 years. I have bought movies, soundtracks, action figures, comic book after comic book. I have leant trade paper backs out to friends, recommended titles for them to pick up, bought them series as gifts. I loved your Animated Universe and would watch the Batman and Justice League cartoons over and over and over. I’d invite friends over and have viewing parties where we’d watch all the Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn episodes, or the Black Canary episodes, or all the Wonder Woman ones. I have given you so much business, poured so much money into your company. I love superheroes so much.


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