Feminist Horoscope: Taurus

-by Sophia Surage, student staff

April 20-May 20

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth (Fixed)

Body Part: The Neck/Throat

Planet: Venus (of the arts, beauty, pleasure, emotions)

Color: Pale blue and mauve (soft refined colors)

Key Phrase: “I Have”


The brilliantly creative poet and activist Maya Angelou happens to be a Taurus. While all of us can probably draw inspiration from Angelou, Taurus may allow us to harness some of the more specific qualities that influence great art, activism, and developing one’s own voice. Other than making Taurus particularly promising and popular in the realm of feminist astrology, Angelou’s sign in Taurus can inspire us to be agents of change through the art of balancing individual strength and collective force. In fact, the titles of several of Angelou’s most famous poems even vibe with some Tauran themes. For example, “I Know Why the Caged Bird SINGS”, “Million Man March Poem”, “Refusal” and “A Brave and Startling Truth” translate into Tauran tendencies to have beautiful singing voices, to act as a stampede, to be radically stubborn, and to voice the truth despite efforts to silence it.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, marked by a stubborn streak, and the solidness of their element in earth, making them loyal and dependable as support systems, allies, and companions. Like the bull that symbolizes them, Taurans can have a dangerous temper when agitated, and have the strength to trample and gore. At the same time, the bull can be gentle, dependable, and compassionate. As a dual sign, Taurus can embody the gentleness of a new born calf or the force and intensity of an entire herd. Taurans are known to be sensual, emotional, and creative, often times appreciative of and involved in the arts. Taurans are rooted in the luxuries of the world and are fierce defenders of their love and possessions. If Taurus were to be represented by a decade in history, it would be the roaring 1920’s due to the emphasis in pursuing pleasure and beautiful things.

The neck and throat are the ruling body part of Taurus, which is thought to influence their voice and lymph nodes. The throat is one of the most vital and vulnerable parts of the human body, but can also be one of the strongest and most significant. With their beautiful voice and an eye for the arts Taurus can embrace some of the age old elements of feminism, including art as a means for re-imaging and re-articulating the aspects of our existence that need to be freed. Furthermore, harnessing and amplifying the voices of people systematically silenced by marginalization is a key goal of feminist projects, especially when working across difference. Taurans have the sensitivity it takes to be mindful and respectful of dynamics and difference and the strength it takes to face the patriarchy. Finally, Taurus can inspire us to use our voices as effectively as possible to address important issues and break the silence around piercing oppressions.

Taurus may benefit from focusing some attention on several areas of their character in order to inspire larger change and personal effectiveness. Taurus may need to put a little extra effort into finding and cultivating the motivation and inspiration necessary to get started and stay involved. They also need to work on letting go of the little things and not letting their temper get them into self-destructive situations (don’t let the Patriarchy’s red flag waving in your face distract you from your larger purpose, or more importantly steer you into burn out or danger). Finally, as a fixed earth sign, Taurans may find it challenging but rewarding to be more open to change, as well as more flexible.



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