Feminist Horoscope: Aires

-by Sophia Surage, student staff

Symbol: The Goat/Ram

Element: Fire

Body Part: The Head

Planet: Mars

Color: Red-color of fire and excitement

Key phrase: “I am”

Fire, fierce, first-born, full-steam ahead, stubborn, impulsive/accident-prone, and all about new beginnings-Aires is the very first sign of the zodiac and is a force to be reckoned with. Due to their positioning in the Zodiac as the start of the cycle, Arians are thought to take on qualities of first-born children. Aires are natural born leaders who are courageous and confident in going forth and forging the way for others. The planet mars is ruled by the Greek god of war, aggression, and conflict, which serves as a source of inner strength for Aires, who are ruled by Mars. Further, Aires is known to be head strong and argumentative, which is reflected in the ram literally butting heads with its opponents. Aires people are powerful like fire, and have explosive spurts of energy and a strong drive to stand their ground and make their assertiveness known.

In the world of social justice, wording and language are sensitive and can make a world of difference in how one addresses issues. Aires’ biggest challenges in social justice are most likely to be practicing patience and being tactful in how they speak to sensitive subjects. When it comes to strengths in the world of social justice, Aires is on point in being talented intellectuals, persuasive arguers, and independent thinkers who take action and get things done. Developing their knack for leadership can be exciting and personally rewarding for Aires people and can help facilitate the larger cause that they are organizing around. When it comes to knowing the facts and forcefully charging down the injustices of the world in a whirl of passionate fire, Aires is the astrology sign for the job. As long as Aires does not get bored and bogged down they can successfully fight burn out and be amazing activists and allies.


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