Who’s Who Wednesday–Renee Nabors


Meet: Renee Nabors, Student Advisory Board Member


1) How did you get involved with the Women’s Resource Center?

I work with kids am especially passionate about working with young women and encouraging them to embrace themselves, so it made sense to work on campus with a peer group as well. I knew that I had a lot to learn from the wonderful women of the WRC, so I applied to be a student member of the WRC Advisory Board. I love it so far!


2) What is your favorite self-care activity?

Since high school, I have loved to play Disc Golf and Ultimate and I think they’re a great way to relax and enjoy the Colorado sunshine.


4) Where are you from/where do you call home? What does this place mean to you?

Home is the buzz of Colfax Avenue outside my window. It is burnt coffee in the microwave, reheated over and over by aunts and cousins stopping by on their daily rounds to chat and gossip. Home is half-dressed babies chasing dogs and cats through the kitchen and the dirt on our hands from whatever river we were playing in, snakes we were catching, or neighbor’s flower bed we were raiding. Home is food bank Hamburger Helper served in piles on paper plates and spilled on our thrift store hoodies. I was born in and grew up around the Denver Metro area and plan to stay here close to my family.


5) Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

I’d tell myself that being brave is a skill that you can learn, not a personality trait. I hid behind labels of ‘shy’ and ‘quiet’ for a long time and always let others lead out of fear that people would think I was weird or not worth listening to. My life changed a lot when I realized that I was the only one really in charge of my own life and that I didn’t want to live in fear, anxiety, or shyness anymore.


Bonus “Fun” Questions

1) What movie or food do you love to hate?

I hate all kinds of melon – cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon. Sometimes even the smell can make me gag.


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