Feminist Horoscope: Pisces

-by Sophia Surage, student staff


Symbol: Two fish tied to one another swimming in opposite directions

Element: Water

Body Part: The Feet

Planet: Neptune

Color: Pale Green and Turquoise (dreamy colors of the ocean)

Key Phrase: “I believe”

The symbol for Pisces, which is two fish tied to one another swimming in opposite directions, signifies concealed depths, conflicting desires, stirring emotional currents, and polar extremes. The two fish can also represent Pisceans as half-spirit half-body, because their placement in the zodiac represents the end and the beginning. Being ruler of and ruled by the feet, Pisces are said to have beautiful feet as well as problems and pains connected to their feet. The anatomy of Pisces symbolize the fact that Pisces is the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac and has therefore walked through the footsteps of the eleven other signs.  Some sources suggest that Pisces has a strong intuition when it comes to picking up on the manipulation or dishonesty of others, due to their ability to exist within and draw from “memories” and deep self-knowledge.  People born under the Pisces sign are said to understand the world first through their heart and secondly through intuition, a process that clearly stems from trusting one’s self and knowing one’s self intimately.

Pisces is known for being the sign of dreams and mysticism.  Often coded as a “feminine” sign, Pisces is understood to be deeply emotional and insightful. Part of this association with femininity stems from ideas that women are impacted by “the moon and the tides” which is sometimes celebrated through essentializing and stereotyping notions of femaleness; and in more crude contexts can be a way of mocking menstruation. In mythology and various cultural tropes, the sea is also often personified as feminine. When we think about it more deeply (just as Pisces would advise) the sea as a “feminine symbol” challenges essential traits associated with femininity because it is unpredictable, non-static, and exhibits a multitude of behaviors depending on the influence and positioning of other forces at work. The sea can be nurturing, engulfing, powerful, and at times ruthlessly indifferent. Like the sea, femininity can take on many different forms and should not be underestimated. Thus, Pisces swims in a sea of symbols of the sacred feminine; namely intuition, emotional power, and the pull of changing currents, internal rhythm, depth, and mystery.

Using Pisces as this month’s feminisms role model we can draw knowledge from many important tropes. Pisces’ emphasis on intuition and self-knowledge can re-teach us to value and trust information that is inexplicable, even in the face of information that is pretending to be objective or logical. Particularly for women identified people and individuals of other marginalized identities, following one’s intuition is a critical survival skill. Intuition enables people to transform their partial knowledge of the world into self-empowerment and the ability to navigate the steps ahead. For our identities that bring us privilege, Pisces can be our role model in questioning the ways of the world around us, and can help us realize that there is nothing “natural” about superiority.

Pisces’ connections to the dream world, past memories, and all that is imagined can encourage us to question our realities and to experience the world on our own terms. By retracing the steps that others have taken, Pisces encourages us to learn from mistakes of the past as well as previous movements, in order to take on the current moment effectively. “But what does it mean?” is a question said to often be asked by Pisceans; and if we embrace such questioning as a part of our daily practice, we can become brave enough to face the murky depths and complexity of the world we live in and the issues we seek to resolve. Allowing ourselves to be in tune with “the moon and the tides” however they may appear in each of our lives can help us to stay current and connected to our deepest selves and each other. Finally, in being connected to our higher selves and others we should strive to be like Pisces in always knowing through the heart, and always understanding through compassion.


*** Regardless of whether you BELIEVE in astrology, or if you choose to take it with as many grains of salt as there are in the ocean, it is worth noting some important self-care tips for Pisceans. It is often stated that Pisceans need to be careful with the use of substances in extremes. As deeply emotional water signs, Pisceans can be drawn to experiencing sensations and the depths of their own being via induced and alternate states of being. Therefore, Pisceans (and everyone) may want to consider engaging in a little extra caution and self-reflexivity when it comes to the use of drugs and alcohol.




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