Feminist Horoscope: Aquarius

-by Sophia Surage, student staff


Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Body Part: Circulatory system, skin, and ankles

Planet: Uranus

Color: Electric Blue (The Color of the clear sky)

Key Phrase: “I Know”

The key phrase “I know” captures one of Aquarians’ most notable characteristics, which is their intellectual independence. Aquarians often have eccentric, outside of the box ideas and opinions, and like to look forward into the future. Although Aquarius is often mistaken for a water sign due to its connotations with the water bearer, Aquarius’s element is Air, making Aquarians people of the wind who cannot be contained or held down. The water bearer is connected to the planet Uranus, which in Greek Mythology represented the ruler of the Sky. The image of the water bearer is often interpreted as pouring water over the earth, symbolizing the free giving of truth. The sign of Aquarius is inextricable from truth, and Aquarians’ connections to the overarching blue sky can be read as a truth above all else approach to life.

In some legends Aquarius is asked by the Gods to flood the earth by pouring an excess of water from the sky. These stories usually arise from a need to cleanse the earth or allow a higher truth to wash away corruption and social issues and ills. In this context Aquarius can be seen as delivering destruction for the sake of creating a fresh start, as water is essential to life but also has the potential to over power it. Rather than understand Aquarius as the deliverer of an overarching truth, we can interpret the symbols in a more feminist way. Water is made up of tiny molecules that all combine in order to create a force strong enough to sustain life and or destroy life. Because water is malleable and transformative, we can embrace the fact that ideas and identities are also complex and flexible and like Aquarius, and the wind, they cannot be pinned down, compartmentalized, or contained. If water is interpreted as a larger truth, then the countless particles and molecules that make up water can allow us to understand that there are multiple truths within a larger collectiveness. Most importantly, feminisms do not pour from one singular pitcher, and there is no one overarching feminism that delivers truth to the rest, but feminisms always should be seen as imperfect droplets that inform and strengthen one another. Finally, feminisms are like Aquarius in the sense that they challenge what is already established and are unafraid of starting over. Like a flood, Aquarian informed consciousness could wash away violence and intolerance, making way for more inclusive and honest ways of being in the world. In the spirit of Aquarius, feminists can seek to keep our attention on the larger picture, while remembering our own individual positionality in relation to the rest of the world.


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