Feminist Horoscope: Sagittarius

by Sophia Surage, student staff


Sagittarius: Nov 22-Dec 21
Symbol: The Archer
Element: Fire
Body Part: Legs and hips
Planet: Jupiter
Color: navy and maroon
Key Phrase: “I Perceive”

Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, a half-human half-horse mythological creature, and is marked by curiosity, adventure, and unbreakable optimism. Sagittarius is a visionary, always aiming their bow and arrow to the sky in a determined and direct attempt to shoot for the stars. With the body of a horse and the torso and head of a human, Sagittarians can be read to embody the ultimate self-determination. In spiritual and mythological tropes, being a skilled rider often requires and represents a strong sense of intuition and harmony between rider and horse. In this sense, a centaur is the perfect blending between the two bodies, making them one, and thus securing one’s intuition and self-determination in the world.

Sagittarians are witty, sophisticated, and blunt; they have a generous spirit and a need to be engaged in things that get their pulse up in life. Sagittarians hate being bogged down by details, being forced to engage in small talk, and most of all they despise indirectness (useful in moments of over “man-splaining”, manipulation, and sweet-talking). Sagittarians are efficient and resourceful, and always have a full alphabet worth of backup plans if “Plan A” is to crash and burn. Sagittarians are confident and social, and love to be challenged emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Sagittarians might need to do some self-growth work when it comes to patience and sensitivity towards others. Sagittarians typically have a love and interest for history, mystery, culture, and above all a wide-eyed sense of curiosity about the world.

The fire in Sagittarius can get fueled up for feminism if these individuals are allowed the space to be independent, intellectually stimulated, and self-determined in the process. Sagittarius is known to be incredibly generous with their time, money, and personal energy, once they find a cause that they believe in. Confidence, generosity, and wit can be valuable tools for networking and fundraising within movements. Also, Sagittarians can keep the hope alive in times of turbulence by directing others’ attention to a higher place, and by brushing over the details that tend to get us down when doing social justice work. Social justice Sagittarians aim their arrows for the future, refusing to be discouraged by overwhelming odds and complications along the way. Sagittarians can provide a radical new vision for the future, or if anything, a healthy dose of realistic optimism, and at the very least a sarcastic comedic relief in times of turmoil and defeat.


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