Feminist Horoscope: Libra

-by Sophia Surage, student staff

Libra: September 23-October 22

Symbol: Scales of Justice
Element: Air
Body Part: lumbar/lower back
Planet: Venus (Planet of beauty and love)
Color: Blue and pink
Key Phrase: “I balance”


Libra is unique from the other eleven signs of the zodiac because it is not symbolized by a human, a animal, or a combination of the two. With the scales of justice as their symbol, Libras seek to secure balance, equality, and harmony.  With Venus as a ruling planet, people born under the sign of Libra understand the world through an ideal of love. Libra’s love-centric ways are not always romantic but can translate into a sense of radical and unconditional love of self, others, and life. Libras also have a knack for seeing the beauty in the most mundane of things as well as the potential for harmony in times of turmoil. At the same time Libras face the challenge of finding balance between self and others, and can sometimes place the needs of others before their own. Therefore in order to be at their best, it is imperative that Libras make a daily commitment to self-care and being in touch with their own needs and wants. Libra’s inner appreciation for beauty and love often flows outward in the form of personal style, beautiful belongings, and a calming pleasant demeanor, making them very personable and stylish.

Libra’s element in air represents movement and specifically the use of thought as a means of transportation. Libras strive for connectedness and have a drive for creating community. Libras can utilize their intellectual talents, powerful command of language, and ability to stay current to network within social and political movements dedicated to humanist causes. In fact, Libra is an excellent role model for those interested in allyship because they have a deep and intuitive sense of justice beyond their own realm of experiences. It also couldn’t hurt that Libras tend to be charming, strategic, diplomatic, and unafraid to sort through disagreement when engaging in collaborative work. In the spirit of cooperation and kindness, Libras everywhere are on their own unique quest to make the world a more fair and beautiful place, and they are doing it in style.


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