Feminist Horoscope: Virgo

-by Sophia Surage, student staff

Virgo: August 23-September 22

  • Element: Earth
  • Body part: Waist, Stomach, digestive system
  • Planet: Mercury (Planet of communication)
  • Color: Earth Tones including browns, greens, and yellows
  • Key Phrase: “I serve”



Virgos are often described as sharp minded, highly analytical, and highly aware of detail. People born under the sign of Virgo often have high levels of mental and physical energy. Although Virgos are associated with the archetype of the virgin, their sense of “virginity” should not be interpreted literally or within the constraints of how the dominant social order constructs virginity. While mainstream culture often associates symbols of virginity with passivity and pureness, Virgo embodies an active and grounded individual who is deeply generous and loving. Further, the “Virgin” in Virgo expresses their often youthful, innocent minded, and humanitarian characteristics. Virgo is grounded, active and pure hearted, completely upheaving the social construction of virginity as passive and one dimensional, and also the notion that one’s morality is directly linked to their sexual behavior or lack of sexual behavior. While Virgos can at times be fussy, skeptical, and cold, they can harness their many strengths for the greater good. With their intense drive to improve and perfect, Virgos can lend their analytical mind to theoretically pull apart systems of oppression (beginning with breaking apart the ever engrained and oppressive virgin whore dichotomy complex). Virgos can also use their deep compassion and devotion to humanitarian causes to extend their innate generosity to all efforts in the fight for full human liberation.


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