Who’s Who Wednesday – Jenny

Meet: Jenny Clark, Volunteer at the Women’s Resource Center

Meet: Jenny Clark, Volunteer at the Women’s Resource Center

1) How did you get involved with the Women’s Resource Center?

I heard about the Women’s Resource Center when I went to one of their events freshman year. I learned a lot, and was interested to get more involved!

 2) What do you like most about the WRC?

I love the warm, welcoming environment at the WRC; everyone is so friendly! It is really a very positive, safe space to come relax and get to know some amazing people, and learn more about current women’s issues.

 3) What is your favorite self-care activity?

I love baking, when I have some free time or just want to slow down, I will make muffins, cookies, banana bread, anything delicious!

 4) Where are you from/where do you call home? What does this place mean to you?

I am a native to Colorado, born in Littleton. I have an amazing, supportive family, so home is where I can go to relax and let my worries go, completely free from judgment or distress. I also get to play with my puppy 🙂

 5) Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

I think if I could go back 10 years I would tell myself to slow down a little bit, enjoy being a kid and not wish to grow up so fast. I still have to remind myself of that every day.


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