Who’s Who Wednesday – Julia

Meet: Julia Woods, Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Women’s Resource Center

Meet: Julia Woods, Health and Wellness Coordinator at the Women’s Resource Center

1) How did you get involved with the Women’s Resource Center?

I’ve always liked working with/for other women—there’s something about it that’s just very comfortable and intuitive.  And starting college was neither of those—so naturally, one of the first things I did upon arriving at CU was look for a women-centered organization (or at least a place where people understand that feminism is not an expression of misandry). I started out as a volunteer, and later became a student staff member. Now I practically live in the UMC—the W has really become home base for me.

2) What is your favorite self-care activity?

I like reading. And if I don’t exercise I get a little bit fanatical/moody, so I guess in that sense, going to the gym is not so much a self-care thing as a courtesy to the people who get to deal with me. I also enjoy looking at the bugs in the bio lounge, for some reason that’s very soothing.

3) Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

If I could travel to the mid-point of my life, I wouldn’t waste time trying to give myself advice. Instead I would take myself back to the future, so that I could avoid middle school altogether.

Although on second thought, this would probably prove to be impractical, considering I would now have to clothe, feed, educate, and entertain a secret fifth-grade version of myself. And I’d have to do it for eight years, until mini-me was old enough to assimilate into society, but by then she’d probably have a lot of psychological problems because it’s not easy to be a clandestine clone drifting listlessly in a present with no past.


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