Who’s Who Wednesday – Cassy

This week we want to introduce you to:

Cassy Gonzalez, student volunteer(pictured at the Sex Museum in Amsterdam)

Cassy Gonzalez, student volunteer
(pictured at the Sex Museum in Amsterdam)

1) What do you like most about the Women’s Resource Center?

So many things! I love the fun environment and the people…I like that it is a safe space, where we can all share what we are uncomfortable with and share opinions without being criticized or trivialized. And the couch. It’s big and soft and you can take naps on it.  I love having a center and resources to work on what interests me, I think my favorite part of volunteering is the space to explore my interests. Plus I have gotten some awesome feedback from staff and volunteers on my assignments and rants (mostly rants) that I would not have gotten outside of this wonderful network.

2) Where are you from/where do you call home? What does this place mean to you?

I am from California, and I call it home. But in essence I have more than one home—home for me is a place where there is love and a support network. My home is my mom’s house, my dad’s, my best friends…but I think California holds the strongest place in my heart. California was where I learned everything I know of violence, oppression, poverty and the strength to resist. My parents were/are my primary source, but California is where I witnessed this first-hand. These images stuck with me, and influenced what I currently study and how I understand the world. California is holds good and bad memories, so it is one of my homes. I will say the same thing about Colorado when I leave it, even if I HATE the snow.

3) Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

I would tell myself to grow a backbone I missed out on so much because I always feel I have no right to experience certain thing. I would say the study abroad in summer of 2012…expand that from May to August with a complete Mediterranean tour from Spain to Turkey with a cap-off in Amsterdam. Also, study harder for the LSAT. Otherwise, remember you freaking rock, and keep reading manga.


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