Who’s Who Wednesday – Morgan

Meet:Morgan Aguilar Special Projects Coordinator at the Women’s Resource Center CU Senior, Broadcast News major

Morgan Aguilar
Special Projects Coordinator at the Women’s Resource Center
CU Senior, Broadcast News major

1)   How did you get involved with the Women’s Resource Center?

By good luck really! My journalism adviser randomly put me in a Women’s Studies class as an elective during spring semester of my freshman year. I quickly became passionate, interested and also angered by the topics being discussed in that class. Near the end of the semester, at the peak of my “must do something to help” frame of mind, 2 women from the WRC came and gave a presentation about the center and said that they were accepting volunteer applications for the following fall. I immediately picked up an app, volunteered for 2 semesters and have now been staff for 3 semesters!

2) What do you like most about the Women’s Resource Center?

My favorite part is the random conversations that break out in the center. Sometimes they are really educational, about social justice happenings in current events or about the government. Other times they are about bad television we watch or our favorite wild animals that we wish we could have as pets. Either way, it’s always an incredibly entertaining and relieves a whole lot of stress I might have brought into the office that day.

3) What is your favorite self-care activity?
Skiing!! Or…Hiking! I think the 2 are tied, but it’s great because I can alternate them with the seasons. For me, there is nothing like being on top of a mountain to really clear my head. It puts everything in my life in perspective, and reminds me that no matter what I might be going through, the world and life are bigger than that. It reminds me of what’s important. I also am able to get some exercise which always helps the mood…releasing some of those endorphins and what not!
4) Where are you from/where do you call home? What does this place mean to you?

I am from Idaho, and it is my Idahome (see what I did there?). I grew up in northern Idaho but spent a lot of time in southern Idaho growing up as well so I really love the entire state. It is a huge part of who I am in terms of loving small towns and being outdoorsy. It’s still my favorite place to ski and hike. It’s where I fell in love with country music. It’s where my parents and grandmother still live and it’s where I hope to be a reporter some day.


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