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-by Morgan Aguilar, student staff

As a journalism major, it was only a matter of time before I jumped on the blogging bandwagon. I now officially have my own blog, in addition to contributing to this one. The reason it took me so long to launch my own was not for lack of time or know-how, but rather because I could not come up with a topic interesting enough for folks to actually read. I don’t have the time to do a scholarly one that people can look to for information because that would require outside research. I also didn’t want my blog to simply be a rant about what I was doing or thinking that week. I waited until I had a topic that I could write freely about, but that would also have the potential to help someone.

Now that I am a blogger, I have grown much more interested in reading other peoples’ blogs. I quickly realized that this is not an easy task. Finding blogs that interest you and that are really informative is difficult.

So, this entry is for those seeking blogs about social justice issues. I put my journalistic training to work and compiled a list (in no particular order of awesomeness) that some of us at the CU-Boulder Women’s Resource Center enjoy reading.

1. What About Our Daughters: Unapologetic, Uncompromising, and Unbowed in Defense of Black women and Girls.

  • This blog has a little more text than some of the others, but what I love about it is the blunt writing style. Similar to myself, the main author tends to write in a more conversational way than the rest. For the latest on events and happenings directly affecting black women…this is the place!

2. Womanist Musings

  • With a diverse group of 12 contributors, I’d look to this blog for sometimes rant-style posts about local events/happenings in the media. Renee is the main author, and while going through the archive I found an intense debate she got in with another blogger, who she repeatedly called a bitch. Renee stated that “for bitch to be sexist, it would have to be uttered in a conversation in which there is a power differential.” While I hold a different opinion on that particular topic, it did not deter me from deciding the blog was entertaining and informative. Be ready for abrupt opinion writing on this one.

3. Tiger Beatdown

  • 6 awesome people contribute to this blog. It focuses on calling out individuals or media for just about everything oppressive. From politics to sports and fashion, this blog has in-depth posts that will leave you thinking about issues in a new light without quite as much anger as some of the other writers.

4. Racialicious

  • Racialicious is a blog about the intersection of race and pop culture. While primarily focused on African American representations in pop culture, they often post from random contributors, which allows for even more diversity. With a well-organized staff, look to this blog for regular postings that have been edited and researched.

5. The Border House

  • A blog for gamers! Gamers who also happen to care about social justice. Their goal is to bring thoughtful analysis to gaming with a feminist viewpoint. In addition to getting a feminist lens put on your favorite pass time, reading this blog might just point you in the direction of some new awesome games you never new existed!

6. Ms. Magazine Blog

  • Don’t have the money to get Ms. Magazine in the mail (or your office isn’t as cool as mine and gets it delivered there)? Not to worry! Ms. Magazine also has a blog! I love this one since it is such a large company, they have organized their site with tabs for different topics like they would for articles. You can browse Arts Health, Justice, Media, etc. and be sure to find blog posts from folks who have hopefully been Ms. Mag edited!

7. Feministing

  • Since its founder, Jessica Valenti, has a special place in my heart, so does this website. It was one of Valenti’s books that launched my journey into feminism…but that story is for another time. This blog focuses on dissecting aka ripping apart sexist happenings in the world. I like that the contributors to this blog like to send out calls to action as well, rather than leaving it at the food for thought stage.

8. Jezebel

  • One of the more well known websites on this list…Jezebel has been quoted in broadcast news media multiple times, as they tend to be up front and center whenever a big story is breaking. Their Editor-in-chief Jessica Coen is often called upon to do interviews and is called a “media critic.” Jezebel does not only focus on entertainment gossip, but also politics, dating, health, and anything making headlines.

9. KNOWhomo

  • It took a long tumblr education session for me to be able to write about this one…but I’m glad I learned! For those of you who are more visual or just tired of reading long articles…here is a tumblr blog for you! KNOWhomo is a blog for LGBTQ members and allies. From LGBT facts to humor, this photo-driven blog is fun and informative!

10. Feministe

  • “In defense of sanctimonious women’s studies set,” this blog sometimes takes on issues making news headlines, but the authors also do their own thing a lot of the time. Taking on issues in science, or even tipping your servers! Plus, you can buy Feministe shirts there…so that’s rad.

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