Just A Reminder…

As Halloween is this week, keep in mind any messages your costume might be sending. Here’s the Ohio University student group Students Teaching About Racism in Society‘s message on that topic, an update of their “Culture, not a Costume” campaign from last year:

We’re A Culture Not A Costume

You can see more of S*T*A*R*S campaign here.

Additionally, the Women’s Resource Center is holding a conversation on the topic of Halloween costumes today, October 29th:

Ponchos, Pocahontas, and Push-Up Bras: Why Finding The Perfect Halloween Costume Is Tricky

What were you thinking of dressing up as for Halloween? Don’t know yet? No problem! Join us at the Women and Gender Studies Cottage to share Halloween treats over a discussion about the sexualization and cultural appropriation of Halloween costumes in retail and on our campus. Before you leave we’ll brainstorm a list of sweet Halloween costumes so you’ll be set for Wednesday!

Speakers: Seema Sohi, Renee Roberts, and Sophia Surage
Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm
Location: Women and Gender Studies Cottage


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