Friendly Feminist Warning

Heyyyy CU Boulder!

Did you get that notice about “Public displays and free speech activities on university grounds?

You did?

Well, guess what that likely means…


Yup, you guessed it!

That great anti-choice group is back on campus!

The University has in the past circulated a similar message before an anti-abortion group comes to campus to set up. Their billboards feature purposefully triggering images, as well as false information, such as unproven links between abortions and cancer, and misinformation about fetal stages of development. Counseling And Psychological Sources has to add extra hours/staff every year when they come around. They generally set up in the UMC fountain area and outside Hellems in the grassy area. Regardless of the message, the WRC does not condone activism that hinges on triggering and attacking students on their way to class.

So please, be safe, try and cut around where their billboards will be located (if possible) if you think you will be triggered. If you need real resources to turn to, Counseling and Psychological Services and the Office of Victims Assistance are located in the Center for Community.


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