This week in History:

-by Morgan Aguilar, student staff
September 18th, 1998
Reba McEntire receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, next to Meryl Streep’s star, at 7018 Hollywood Boulevard.

You don’t need to be a country fan to appreciate the incredibly talented, hard-working singer/actress. In the United States,  McEntire is the 7th best-selling female artist in all genres and the 7th best-selling country artist. She is the best-selling female country artist of all time, creating 34 studio albums with 35 number one singles. She has sold more than 80 million records worldwide.

And somehow, she also had her own TV show, has a clothing line, and spent some time on Broadway.

Her impressive resume is not the only reason I find it important to take some time to honor Reba McEntire. The main reason I admire her is because of the messages her song lyrics and personality send to women and girls. She is a perfect example of confidence, independence, and beauty that comes from being comfortable and happy to be who you are.

Example 1: “I’m A Survivor”

This song came out in 2001, and became the theme song to her television show. Written by Shelby Kennedy and Phillip White, “I’m a Survivor” peaked at #3 on the Billboard Country Songs chart. The story is of a girl who was born 2 months premature, yet survived, and continues to live her life as a survivor of all things life throws at her.

I don’t believe in self pity
It only brings you down
may be the queen of broken hearts
but I don’t hide behind the crown

When the deck is stacked against me
I just play a different game
My roots are planted in the past
And though my life is changing fast
Who I am is who I wanna be

While I know that Reba didn’t write these lyrics, her strong voice and attitude on stage make her the perfect messenger for these words.

Along the same lines, the mantra “you’ve got to have a little want to,” really describes the way she lives her life.

There ain’t no excuse that’s why my mama said
You gotta get up and get outta bed
Roll up your sleeves put your back into it
If you’re gonna get it done then you better get to it
No matter what it is you want to do
You got to have a little want to inside of you

Reba is a self-starting, independent, strong woman. And, she is also an ally. In 2009 she became one of the first country artists to come out in support of marriage equality. In a primarily conservative industry, it is always big news when Christian country singers publicly support liberal causes.

Reba is still touring, hosting awards shows, and just started work on a new TV show called “Malibu Country.”

If ever in need of some motivation, I encourage everyone to get out of bed, put on “I’m a Survivor,” and remember that you’ve got to have a little want to inside of you!


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